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Scotland in Bloom - The Nation’s Best Botanical Gardens

Considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful spots, Scotland is overflowing with untamed natural wonders. Dramatic lochs, hidden beaches, rolling mountains and dense woodlands make the country a sight to behold for any visitor. Travellers seeking a more manicured Scottish landscape, however, still have numerous options to choose from, with the following list offering a brief glimpse into some of the nation’s most spectacular botanical gardens.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Internationally renowned for its vital role in scientific research, Edinburgh’s crown jewel attracts nature lovers in their droves. Boasting an incredibly diverse collection of over 100,000 plants spread across 70 acres and 10 greenhouses, not to mention wonderful views across the capital’s skyline, this breathtaking national treasure is a joy to visit all year round. And there is nothing more relaxing than sitting comfortably at one of the cafe’s tables, while you breathe in the fragrant smell of nature. And why not enjoy a few rounds on the online slots that can be found here!

Logan Botanical Gardens

Nestled into Scotland’s south-west corner, Logan Gardens are renowned as the country’s most exotic floral setting. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, the gardens benefit from an almost subtropical climate, allowing species from across the globe to thrive. Highlights include eucalyptus groves, giant gunneras and a walled garden home to a delightful fish pond. The wonderfully friendly staff and charming café completes the whole package for a rewarding botanical experience.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

The dynamic city of Glasgow provides a plethora of options to keep visitors entertained, from shopping to culture to a vibrant nightlife scene. Aside from its energetic vibe and attractions, this friendly metropolis is also home to a delightful botanic garden, which provides the perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Admission is free, with visitors able to enjoy the newly restored Kibble Palace, a colourful selection of greenhouse plants, plenty of picnic space and pleasant riverside walks.